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"Rob is a friendly, helpful & down to earth person. He is extremely reliable with a great enthusiastic attitude. Definitely a person you can trust & I highly recommend"
Ian Clare
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Mike & Trish,

You have both helped me enormously so I would like to “give something back!

1.    In the Insurance business there is a saying 'the cost waiting'.

This can also apply to CS.

If a prospect wants to 'wait' before joining, on the 700 Euro pack, if they wait just 1 month it will cost them approx. $2,400 in lost growth.

This is based on them receiving 165 coins less (1 month's issue) & the price going to 10 Euro within 12 months (165 coins x 1.0 Euro, post launch, = 165 Euro = AUD $2,400. If it went to 50 E, it would be 5 times that amount! Why wait?!!

2)    The return on their money is 12% per month! Again, with the 700 Euro pack, 165 coins issued each month x .05 Euro, pre-launch, = 82 Euro = AUD $120. They bought in for AUD $1,000 (approx.), their return is 12% per month! Not a bad return!! Where else do you receive 12% per year, let alone per month?!!

3)    It's the same with the fixed income. Buy in at AUD$1,000, withdraw 84 Euro = AUD$126 per month, it's 12%. How many retirees would like 12% per month in their retirement years?!!

Hope this helps!!
Thank you very much.
Murray Browne Dip. F.S. (F.P.)

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